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About Me

Welcome to the art space of Claire Geffen Smith, proudly South African, now residing Vero Beach Florida. You are entering a sliver of my soul, so I ask you to tread softly, but feel freely.

It is my intention to allow you, the viewer, an intimate view of who I am, and my art is how I succeed in representing my existence, experiences, desires and dreams.
I live by the mantra "Do it now!" This applies to my passion for life, for my work, relationships and my painting, which I find to be the perfect channel for expression - to and from myself and the world.

A pharmacist by profession, the philosophy of "do it now" is merely the template for each work day. When it comes to painting, these words have propelled me to relentlessly pursue the goal of reaching higher, deeper, further... but, most importantly, simply reaching.

Art is nothing less than pulling out what is inside one... never simple... as it lays bare more than that which some care to know. But I do it, nonetheless, enjoying the effect it has on the observer, albeit a contrary response to that anticipated with the final brush stroke.

I warmly invite you into my world - I make no claims and purport to be nothing less than a woman of reflection, gleaming in positive light and energy. Whatever you do... do it now!!


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